Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reviewing the HTC 6800

While attending the Security Education Conference in Toronto (SECTOR) last week, a colleague from Microsoft Canada, Ruth Morton, and I took some time out to do a video review of our cell phone/Pocket PC of choice these days, the HTC 6800 from Bell Mobility. Thanks to another Microsoft Canada IT Pro Advisor, Damir Bersinic, for getting those devices into our hands in the first place!

Ruth and I have never done a vlog before, so the experience was experimental, but ultimately successful, especially in having post-production work done by a Microsoft Canada intern, Majid Mirza.

Video: HTC 6800 Review

If you're anything like me, you may not like watching yourself in video. I certainly feel that way when I see this review. But, I think the message gets across anyway.

A lot of my IT pro colleagues use Blackberry devices, and I can certainly understand the appeal. But I've resisted, instead choosing Windows Mobile devices which give me the operating system that is closest to what I use with my notebook computer and whose Office Mobile applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) work almost exactly the same way on my mobile device as on my notebook computer.

The HTC 6800 doesn't disappoint in this regard, being one of the first Windows Mobile 6 devices available in Canada. By now, there are probably several more choices available, but the point is that for me the choice of operating system has always had priority over the hardware features. Having the newest Windows Mobile operating system also means that I have to upgrade my mobile productivity applications, but that's almost always a good thing anyway. My particular favorite add-on application is Pocket Informant 2007 which takes advantage of a desktop add-on I use regularly for Microsoft Outlook called Franklin Covey PlanPlus for Outlook v.5. In concert, these two add-on's provide extended features beyond what Outlook and Mobile Outlook provide, the most important of which are simplified project management and task prioritization. The management screens on both the desktop and Pocket PC platforms for both software packages are also superior to the default screens in Outlook.

With my new HTC 6800, I've got what amounts to a computer on my belt clip. All my projects, tasks, contacts (over 2500 now), email, Mobile Office files and productivity applications are now available to me wherever I might be. And having the QWERTY slide keyboard just makes it that much easier to take notes and update all those productivity applications. But the device also has more flash memory, a Wi-Fi/Cellular switch, a decent camera and camcorder and an incredibly rugged and reliable casing, along with a snug stylus holder, a great belt clip accessory and several other hardware accessories to round out the user experience.

Take a look at the vlog and let me know what you think about my and your device!

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Ruth said...

I know what you mean about not liking to see yourself in a video! Every time I watch this I think, "Stand up straight, Ruth!" and "Wow, I don't look 29 anymore!". :) We're just not used to seeing ourselves so can be a bit of a shock. However, then I think to myself that people see me like this every day and they still seem to want to hang with me so I can't be as embarrassing as I seem to me!

Anyway, thanks for doing this with me Don! It was fun. Let's do it again sometime soon.

(I wonder what new toys Damir can give us to review next time)