Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Marketing at the speed of blog

As I gear up for promoting business blogging at Pano Cap, one of the most obvious benefits is blog monitoring.

Take Robert Scoble's blog from yesterday for instance - Project Management Software Maker tries Memetracker approach. Scoble reported that Axosoft was marketing a 3-day opportunity to purchase project management software for small teams that would normally cost $495 for a mere $5. Today I visited the Axosoft site, registered, and purchased the project management/bug tracking small-team software - OnTime 2006.

If the testing works well, then I'll have a solution for a help desk application for our company. The Small Team Edition supports 5-member teams as well as a portal for 10 customers. The demo looks attractive (what demo doesn't?).

The entrepreneurial marketing strategy is the most interesting aspect of this. It's driven by blogs, by links, by the speed of the blogosphere. That means that the customer is the one to take the initiative, not the seller. I like that. But the down side to this is that blogs often are insufficiently detailed.

Blogs tend to concentrate on the buzz factor - what's cool, what's new, what's innovative. But business software acquisition is more about careful analysis, not buzz, not even the buzz of virtually free acquisition costs. The true cost of business software comes from implementation, training, and problems of fit. It could be that OnTime 2006 will not meet our needs. After all, it is geared towards software development teams, not IT support teams. But I'm prepared to give Scoble's recommendations the benefit of the doubt. By the way, Robert, thanks for the tip about Qumana.

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