Monday, February 13, 2006

Two More Access Points

“At the end of the year, many will be asking themselves whether they really needed a Blackberry handset from RIM to check mail – and RIM might be asking themselves what went wrong…Microsoft will most probably overtake RIM as the leading mobile e-mail provider.” Strand Consult, a Denmark-based IT research house, as quoted in The Record, Monday, February 13, 2006, A2.

RIM still has 4.3 million Blackberry users out of the estimated 10 million wireless e-mail users worldwide. So, I guess 2 more projected users for a Microsoft Windows Mobile 5-ready device at Pano Cap won’t worry RIM too much. The IT Manager and the Operating Systems Manager are both awaiting their Telus UTStarcom 6700 devices to ensure ready wireless access to email as well as cell phone and typical PDA functions such as appointments, to do lists, Excel, Word, etc. With this device, remote IT administration will be as accessible as reaching for my cell phone.

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