Friday, February 24, 2006

Segue to SQL

WWITPRO put on its second event last night at RIM Park in Waterloo, Ontario. Damir Bersinic talked to the group of about 25 IT Pros gathered about Securing SQL Server 2005. Val Matison, guest IT blogger for Microsoft's IT Pro Manager's joint blog, has already outlined the content of the talk quite well, so I won't duplicate those efforts.

Damir did an excellent job presenting and demonstrating security features of SQL Server 2005 (I've come to expect this of him), so WWITPRO is pleased that he is coming back again in March to talk about features of Microsoft VISTA.

The meeting itself was very well organized with opportunities to network with other IT pros, with Microsoft representatives, to snack on veggies and sweets, and even to participate in a draw of door prizes (it seemed that almost everyone attending received an O'Reilly (not Wiley, as I thought) book, a voucher for a free download of Virtual Server, a copy of Encarta, a media keyboard, etc.).

This group looks like it has legs. Stay tuned...

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1 comment:

Ruth Ogletree Morton said...

Hey Dan, it was good to see you out last night at WWITPRO! I agree, Damir did an excellent job.

One correction though - they were O'Reilly books that we were giving away as door prizes, although Wiley has some excellent titles too.

Ruth Ogletree Morton
(WWITPRO Co-founder and Prez)