Wednesday, November 01, 2006

eSP and IQMS Partnership

eBusiness Solution Pros (eSP) and IQMS have just today announced a new partnership allowing IQMS to offer Stay-Linked software with their ERP wireless solutions. At Pano Cap, we are currently training staff in the use of bar code hand-held scanners, Stay-Linked, and IQMS's Warehouse Management System.

From an IT perspective, the Stay-Linked software provides a thin-client solution for wireless session persistence, the software running not on the device, but on a host. What this means in practice is that even when someone notices a temporary disruption in device-to-host access, the user will be returned to the same screen and session moments later without any IT help-desk involvement.

In addition, Stay-Linked offers the functionality of transferring control of the host-based screen session to another device should the user's device become disabled.

All of this is good news, something we should hear more about in our sessions at the upcoming IQMS UGM (user-group meeting) next week in Las Vegas.

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