Thursday, November 09, 2006

IQMS User Group Meeting - Developments

Wow! I don't know how else to express how impressed I was with Wednesday morning's session with the President of IQMS, Randy Flamm! Randy took almost 2 hours to demonstrate IQMS's continuing passion for product development. In fact, Randy admitted that he is, at least in part, an analyst who works directly with the chief programmers in orchestrating how products are designed and created.

There are simply too many new and exciting product developments to share them all here in this blog post, so I'm going to highlight just a few.

The development of a wireless real-time manufacturing solution stands out for me as something that will reap immediate rewards for both IQMS and its customers. Pano Cap Canada has resisted marketing and sales types from IQMS wanting us to implement real-time before now. And I'm glad we resisted. Next year we will probably take the plunge, but now, instead of wiring our factory floor, machine by machine, we can go a far simpler route of adding small devices to each machine, some antennae, and possibly some light bars at each machine indicating the status of the current process running on that machine. There will be no access points and 2-way communication utilizing something called mesh networking. Way cool!

Another great improvement is the addition of report catalogs and report execution logs. These are a database administrator's dream tools. We will now have an easily-navigated tool to talk to users about each and every report in the sytstem as well as PDF files documenting everything about the report's design, intention, and location. Not only that, but we can use the same tool to document our custom reports. The report execution log allows administrators to see who uses which reports, how long the reports take to run, and where possible bottlenecks are in the operation of reports.

Finally, drag-and-drop email from whatever email client a user happens to be using promises to make life easier.

Randy indicated that over 2400 modifications, enhancements, and new features have been added to IQMS modules since the last user group meeting in April of 2005. That is truly impressive work. Keep it up IQMS!

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