Friday, November 10, 2006

IQMS User Group Meeting - WMS/RF

The next breakout session I attended was in the ballroom and had a large number of attendees, all eagerly anticipating news on the Warehouse Management System (WMS, RF for Radio Frequency). Diane Ramaglia was the presenter, but it is safe to say that Randy Flamm, the president and founder of IQMS, took the lead in fielding the Q&A session that followed Diane's PowerPoint presentation.

Diane flew through her slide deck, leaving little time to take notes, but suffice to say that the WMS product is designed to provide better accuracy in inventory, to provide a real-time view of that inventory, to reduce costs in managing inventory, to reduce returned product, and to support less time spent on physical inventory counts.

The anticipated next release of WMS will have new features in both the web-based version for PDAs and the text-based version for bar code scanners such we have at Pano Cap. In addition, Randy fielded a lot of suggestions and questions about enhancements.

From the Pano perspective, we were able to get most of our questions about best practices and implementation scenarios answered. The IQMS staff seemed a little nervous about our initiative in getting WMS/RF users together during the lunch session, possibly because they wanted to ensure that any useful suggestions about product enhancements were documented by IQMS staff and implemented in subsequent releases of their software. Even so, we met with other WMS/RF users during the lunch break and got a few more pointers about implementation lessons learned.

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