Wednesday, November 01, 2006

IT Expenditures To Grow

Accenture has recently released an annual survey of IT expenditures in the United States. Over 300 general business and IT managers were asked about expected expenditures for 2007. Sixty percent anticipated increases averaging 5.5% per annum, 13% anticipated decreases. Most executives also thought that IT expenditures were less than they should be.

Growth initiatives seem to be behind the optimistic estimates. Emphasis on maintenance activities obviously means that expenditures should not grow much, if at all. Of those growth scenarios, most had to do with integration efforts related to company acquisition, regulatory compliance issues, and security requirements.

For small/medium-sized businesses not anticipating acquisitions or major growth initiatives, Accenture's survey of big business doesn't mean too much. In fact, although I have no specific studies to support this, I do not anticipate major increases in spending in Canadian SMBs in 2007. Instead, I expect to see more Canadian IT managers concerning themselves with business alignment issues, consolidation through technologies like virtualization, and a continuing effort to secure their IT assets.

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