Saturday, November 11, 2006

IQMS User Group Meeting - Preventative Maintenance

The final day of sessions started with a breakfast meeting in the ballroom with CorVu demonstrating their line of business intelligence products. That was followed by various breakout sessions until lunch, when the conference ended.

The first breakout session for me was Preventative Maintenance with Bob Gee and Danielle Fresca of IQMS. I had already met with Bob the day before in the afternoon at the IQMS Help Desk to review issues related to preventative maintenance, but the session was useful to review what other users were doing with the module and issues they had about required enhancements.

The biggest enhancement noted by the presenters during the sessions was the addition (finally!) of user-defined classes. In all previous versions, the classes of preventative maintenance were hard-coded. Now we'll be able to add our own, thereby facilitating sorting and grouping of tasks and work orders.

On behalf of Pano Cap, my colleague and I reiterated our desire to be able to add miscellaneous costs at the activity level to preventative maintenance work orders. But the greatest amount of user discussion focused on the issue of automatically generating preventative maintenance work orders by the last bill of material tool configuration. Randy Flamm had just joined the discussion. He guaranteed that IQMS would do something along these lines in the next major release.

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